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Your Most Trustworthy Source For Buying Effective Pharmaceutical Capsules, HIV Medicine, Antiviral Medicine, Daclatasvir Tablets, Tenofovir Alafenamide Tablets, Efavirenz Capsules IP, Etc.
About Us

We at Rutva Medicare initiated with a visionary approach to cement the name of our enterprise among the leading & largest Pharma products suppliers from India. Under the leadership of our experienced mentor, Mr. Maulik Lathiya, we are accomplishing all the rising challenges in the business, and proving ourselves as the most customer-friendly source to the clinics, hospitals, retailers, resellers and other individuals. As a manufacturer and wholesaler, our competitive edge is our knowledge, innovative working strategies and effective marketing techniques. The range in which we are dealing in has Tenofovir Alafenamide Tablets, Daclatasvir Tablets, Sofosbuvir Tablets, Efavirenz Capsules IP, Pharmaceutical Capsules and various more items.

From the very beginning, our primary concern is to earn & keep the trust of our prestigious customers so that long-lasting business relations can be maintained with them. Our organizational processes are operated in an absolutely customer-centric manner. We maintain strong & transparent communication and easy accessibility for every single customer nationwide. The end target of ours always remains to achieve highest form of customers satisfaction because it means the ultimate victory for our enterprise. 
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Quality Above All

No matter what quantity of order is placed by our customers, either small or large, the promised quality always remains unmatched from our end. We adhere to all latest medical guidelines and policies to keep our production top-notch. By utilizing the finest grade of qualified raw material, we produce safe-for-consumption, highly effective and reliable Pharmaceutical products. Our quality-controlled manufacturing and R&D area enable us to run the quality tests with utmost precision & accuracy.

Our Objectives

For solidifying our reputable status & strengthening our presence in the national markets, we have set several objectives for ourselves, such as:
  • To maintain quality stability & improvement
  • To widen our network of supply in more cities and states
  • To generate higher revenue every year
  • To expand our range of offerings with time

Warehousing & Packaging

Packaging plays a vital role in the long shelf life of Pharma products. We take care of the tight sealed packaging of our products including Pharmaceutical Capsules, Sofosbuvir Tablets, Daclatasvir Tablets, Efavirenz Capsules IP and more. In addition to that, our warehouse is perfectly managed with right temperature controllers. Also, regular cleanliness is observed for keeping the stored items safe.


Most Popular Products
Atorlip Gold Capsule
Atorlip Gold Capsule is used for prevention of heart attack. It is a combination of medicines that prevent clot formation in the blood vessels. It also helps to reduce increased cholesterol and triglycerides levels.
Atorlip-F Tablet
Atorlip-F Tablet is a combination of two lipid (fat) lowering medicines. It is used to lower the levels of lipids known as cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood when lifestyle changes (eg. low-fat diet) on their own have failed. This medicine helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.
Atorlip  Tablet
Atorlip Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called statins. It is used to lower cholesterol and to reduce the risk of heart disease